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Feb 28 2019 at 04:28pm
The estranged wife of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sought details about her security cover Monday [url=www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/]http://www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/[/url] , voicing concerns about her safety as her family demanded that she be treated as the country's "first lady".

The premier, who swept to power in May as head of the right-wing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, and Jashodaben were wed in an arranged marriage as teenagers.

But his family says it was only a "formal ritual" as Modi left her soon after. They were never divorced.

"I am the wife of the honourable prime minister of India," stated the retired school teacher in a Right To Information (RTI) application filed in western Gujarat state, where she lives with her brother.

"I would like to know under what provisions of the law and the constitution of India am I being provided protection? As wife of the prime minister what are the other benefits I am entitled to?"

India's RTI Act [url=www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/]cheap nike air max mens[/url] , similar to the Freedom of Information law in the United States, gives citizens the right to access information held by public bodies.

Modi's wife has long kept a low profile and rarely been photographed or interviewed. Modi guards his privacy zealously.

Her brother, Ashok Modi, said the government should provide her a car and women commandos because she is not comfortable with male guards.

"She is the 'first lady' and is entitled to get all the facilities," he was quoted as saying by the Hindustan Times newspaper [url=www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/]cheap nike air max womens[/url] , adding, "She deserves to be with (Modi) in Delhi."

Jashodaben stated in her application that "she travels by public transport while her body guards travel by official vehicle", the paper reported.

Modi's wife said she was worried about her safety, noting former prime minister Indira Gandhi was shot dead by her own security guards in 1984.

"Gandhi was attacked and killed by her personal bodyguards, because of which I am very afraid. Kindly provide me with details of the guards [url=www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/]cheap air max mens[/url] ," she wrote in her application.

The grey-haired woman demanded a reply in 48 hours, calling it a "matter of life and death", signing the application using the name "Jashodaben Narendrakumar Modi".

In a rare interview before Modi became prime minister, Jashodaben, who gets a monthly government teacher's pension [url=www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/]cheap air max womens[/url] , said she read everything about him "I can get my hands on" but added, "I don't think he will ever call me".

Modi allegedly kept the wedding secret because it meant he would not be able to climb the ladder of a hardline Hindu group to which he belonged that frowned on key workers marrying, according to a Modi biography by author Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay.

Modi, earlier chief minister of Gujarat for over a dozen years, acknowledged his marriage for the first time when filing his general election nomination papers.

Deal With Sporting Injuries At An Early Stage Health Articles | June 26 [url=www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/]cheap nike air max shoes[/url] , 2012
I've recently been watching the European Football Championships, which are taking place in Poland and Ukraine. They have made for interesting viewing, with professional sportsmen competing on a grand stage. But it's also been interesting to read some of the stories that have surrounded the competition.

Many of the players that are involved have only just finished playing for their club sides in domestic competitions. As a result, it seems that some of these players are really in need of a rest and that many of them are finding that it's hard to play to the expected high standards.

Reporters bring news from the various team camps and it seems that these often take the form of medical bulletins. Fans are undoubtedly keen to know whether star players will be available for the next match. It seems sad to think that a player's career could be defined by their ability to be fit for one or two matches, but that is the reality of professional sports.

Those of us who are strictly amateur (in terms of our abilities and approaches) may only be able to relate to such problems to a minor extent. We may be involved in competitions that have a considerably lower profile [url=www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/]cheap nike air max[/url] , although there's no reason why matches shouldn't take on a certain importance for us.

But we may certainly share the pain that's associated with injuries. These can blight any career and can also take a lot of the fun out of taking part in any sport. What does seem clear is that we are unlikely to have the immediate access to medical attention that the professionals enjoy.

This needn't mean, however, that we have to sit back and assume that we can't receive proper treatment. Indeed, you may well have noted that top professional players are often sent to see specialists to find out about how best to treat particular problems. You may not have realised that you're also able to seek such expert advice.

In some cases, you might find that access to such specialists is provided free of charge [url=www.onlineairmaxwholesale.com/]cheap air max shoes[/url] , although there's more of a chance that you will end up paying some sort of fee. The best advice is to seek treatment at an early stage, since that will give you the best chance of recovering. The reality is that delays are only likely to make the situation worse.

You may not be appearing for your national football team any time soon, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't have access to excellent standards of treatment. Take the opportunity to ensure that your health and fitness levels are suitably protected.

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